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Culti Milano Decor Classic Home Diffuser Terra 500ml-16.9oz

Culti Milano Decor Classic Home Diffuser Terra 500ml-16.9oz

$114.00 $135.00


Rattan sticks home diffuser, citrus fruits and vanilla


Sculpted, square-shaped bottles in thick glass with Dark Brown maple wood cap. The bold, distinct features of the CULTI DECOR line add a touch of character to any room. Terra: Placing your bare palms on the warm earth of Morocco at dusk, you feel a quiet force rising up from the ground and lifting the spirits, drawing energy from the citrus trees and power from vanilla.

More Information:

Fragrance: Terra
Collection: Decor
Olfactory family: Oriental
Duration: 3
Square footage: da 10 a 20mq



Memories of Summer, souvenirs of a journey.

Sweet and sensual, the scent of tangerine and neroli gives way to orange blossom and dissolves in the nostalgia of oriental balms and vanilla.

For travellers.

Olfactory Family: Oriental
Facet: Citrus
Olfactory Notes: Citrus, Vanilla
Season: Autumn / Winter
Location: Living Room
Created: 1991.

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