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Culti Milano Decor Classic Home Diffuser Aramara 500ml-16.9oz

Culti Milano Decor Classic Home Diffuser Aramara 500ml-16.9oz



Rattan sticks home diffuser, bitter orange and bergamot


Sculpted, square-shaped bottles in thick glass with Dark Brown maple wood cap. The bold, distinct features of the CULTI DECOR line add a touch of character to any room. Aramara: A sunny day in the countryside, infused with the reassuring aroma of citrus peel. The scent of the fruits is dispersed and remains suspended between a pleasant bitterness and a candied sweetness, just like some of life’s moments.

More Information:

Fragrance: Aramara
Collection: Decor
Olfactory family: Citrus
Duration: 3
Square footage: from 10 to 20mq



A summer’s day, the sun on your skin, happy thoughts. A unique olfactory experience that evokes the bright colours and contrasts of the Mediterranean. Bitter orange blends with bergamot and cardamom and floats on the air with the spiritual touch of sandalwood.

A sunny fragrance.

Olfactory Family: Citrus
Facet: Woody
Olfactory Notes: Bitter Orange, Bergamot, Sandalwood.
Season: Spring / Summer
Location: Living Room, Kitchen, Study
Created: 2001.

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