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Culti Milano Stile Reed Home Diffuser - Tessuto 250ml-8.45oz

Culti Milano Stile Reed Home Diffuser - Tessuto 250ml-8.45oz


Cassis leaves, Cotton Flowers, Jasmine and White Musk

Glass bottles with ivory-coloured labels and cap in natural maple wood. The aesthetic character of the CULTI STILE line evokes purity and elegance. Tessuto: Walking through a cotton field, hands open, caressing the fluffy bolls. Touching the lightness of fine silk weaves and natural linens on Lake Como; closing your eyes and breathing in their cool, reassuring texture. Feeling at home, always.

Tessuto is a Floral fragrance with Cassis Flowers, Cotton Flowers, Jasmine & Musk CULTI MILANO is based on the idea of luxury and a genuine sense of tranquility and well-being.

CULTI MILANO perfumery products are characterized by a unique style that focuses on quality, a careful selection of both ingredients and materials and the greatest attention to detail, making it possible to personalize both homes and working environments in a refined and sober style.

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