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Stokke Scoot Canopy Black Melange 464001

Stokke Scoot Canopy Black Melange 464001


With a playful and protective shape, the Stokke® Scoot™ Canopy offers your baby exceptional style and function. Generous shading, UPF 50 textiles and airy ventilation work together to keep your little passenger extra comfortable for all your city strolls. Once you have chosen the seat base for your Stokke® Scoot™, select a canopy color (or more) to create your own combination. Enjoy Scooting around the city together. *Smart design for playful and comfortable city strolls *Oversized canopy with UPF 50+ for protection. *Visor can folded in or simply zippe it off when it is not in use. *Extra extension for better protecion for the baby. *Ventialation area to offer better comfort for the baby. *Water repllent fabric.

  • Oversized canopy with extra extension and ventilation
  • UPF 50+ and water repellent fabric
  • Colorful choices for personalization and customization.


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